UBI, Inc

Square Footage

of Home




Thermal Scanning

0 - 2000 sq. ft. $385 + $75
2000 - 2800 sq. ft. $395 + $85
2800 - 4000 sq. ft. $425 to $450 + $100
4000 - 4800 sq. ft. $450 to $495 + $125
Over 4800 sq. ft. Call for quote + Call for quote

$260 and up

Radon Test
(48 hour continuous electronic monitor)
+ $185
With Inspection

Homes that are 50 years old and greater (Minimum $395.00)*
Homes that are 80 years old and greater (Minimum $425.00)
Foreclosed and Short Sale Homes: (Minimum of $395.00)
Radon Fee: + $185 with Inspection - $225 stand alone fee.
If 2 Radon monitors are needed add $20 (See below for details)

Duplex Fee - Starting at $445 - 4Plex Fee Starting at $595
  Outbuildings (other than main garage): Fee based on type and size of building
  Condo Fees - $260.00 and up. Call for exact quote.

Homes outside the metro area are subject to a possible small additional fee.
(If applicable, any additional fees will be added at time of scheduling)
The additional fee for older homes is due to more time needed for inspection.

Radon Testing Services Offered.
Our tests are done with Sun Nuclear Electronic Tamper Proof Radon Monitors.
UBI, Inc. is a licensed radon admistrator. MDH Lic. # RMEA-00154.
Each test is at least 48 hours in duration, and is done to the current reporting standards of the EPA. ($185 with inspection, $225 stand alone)
Due to new MN Radon Lic. requirements, some homes will require 2 radon boxes. Such as homes with an additional cawl space, or larger foundation homes. If 2 boxes are needed then this is subject to an added $20 fee.

Thermal Imaging Services Offered

Pre-Purchase Thermal Scan
$75.00 and up with inspection. (see chart above for details)

Pre-purchase thermal scanning is an add on to the home inspection. The areas of concern are scanned in conjunction with the home inspection.